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Active Directory and User Migration

In an effort to improve response time, reduce down time and fulfill the State IT Security Requirements, the campus has moved to a more secure computing environment. As of January 2012, all new machine installations and IT Refreshments are being set up for user access through Active Directory (AD).

Active Directory integration and user management will allow the Office of Information Technology & Services to provide more timely assistance and services not previously available and maintain a more secure computing environment. A part of this migration is in your User account itself. By increasing the security level of your User account, you will be less susceptible to virus attacks, malicious software and unauthorized access to your computer. (We have already seen significant reductions in virus infections and malware on machines that have migrated to this system.)
A few other benefits from a centrally managed computer environment are as follows:

We realize that everything new requires some time to get familiar and there will be some adjustment to the new environment. The Computer Support Department has put AD related requests as one of our top priorities for resolution to assist in the transition and minimize interruptions to your work flow (the added benefit is that many issues AD can be resolved remotely.) We have also streamlined the way we handle requests and will implement more advanced technologies in the near future to even better serve your needs.

We sincerely hope these changes will provide you with many benefits, whether they are immediately noticeable in your daily work routine or not. Our goal has and will always be to provide a contemporary, advanced computing platform by employing technically proficient, courteous and responsive staff to best serve the employees and students of Pitt Community College.

Questions and Answers

Q: What do I need to do?
A:   Nothing. When your machine is up for Refreshment or your area is scheduled, you will automatically be upgraded to the new environment. If you would like to be migrated early, you can request that from the IT Support HelpDesk (helpdesk@email.pittcc.edu or 252-493-7487.)

Q: What changes will I notice with this new environment?
A:   Having one password for logging into your system and myPittCC is one difference. Also, you will need to contact the HelpDesk for software installations that require system access (once again, many of these requests can or will be handled remotely.) And, for most people, no more annoying update messages for software and web plugins.

Q: What will my new password be?
A:   Your user name and password will be the same as your myPittCC.edu login and password. Whenever your password is changed or reset, it will apply to all AD resources.

Q: Why is my computer asking for an Administrator password, it didn't before?
A:   In order to ensure the most secure environment possible, software installation is limited to only those products that do not require direct system access. If your machine prompts you for an Administrator password, please contact the HelpDesk and someone will assist you in verifying, approving and installing your software.

Q: I have a PCC issued laptop too, will I be able to benefit from this as well?
A:   Laptop users are included in this upgrade as well. While you will not actively log into AD while off campus, you will gain many of the same benefits of security and consistency as desktop users while still being able to retain your mobility. The only requirement is a periodic connection to the Internet or Campus network for updates and checkups.