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Personal Mobile Device Policy


This policy is to provide information for the usage of personal mobile devices (including but not limited to smart phones, tablets and other digital devices that are not otherwise defined as computing devices (i.e. laptops and netbooks).

Device Support

Support for personal mobile devices will be provided by the end user's service or device provider. The Office of Information Technology and Services may provide consultation on the type of smart-phone equipment to purchase, especially as it relates to data plans that enable email and calendar support, but it is not responsible for ensuring (nor can it guarantee) compatibility between all makes and models of phones and the College's information systems.

If you wish to purchase a smart-phone with "native" support for synchronizing with the College's email system, ask your service provider for options that support "over-the-air" connectivity to Microsoft Exchange and Google Apps. Examples include the Apple iPhone, most Android-based smart-phones, and Windows-based smart-phones.

Please note that Pitt Community College (PCC) does not operate a Blackberry Enterprise Server and cannot guarantee compatibility between Blackberry devices and PCC's information systems. The College does not support the installation of synchronization software, such as iTunes and Blackberry Desktop, on College-owned computers.

Published information is provided to mobile device owners for the purposes of supporting themselves or providing the carrier with necessary information to setup accounts linking a mobile device to a Pitt Community College user's account. IT Staff may not be able to give any additional information beyond that which is published.

Conduct and Misuse

Users shall be responsible for any unauthorized and/or inappropriate access to college information that occurs from the misuse, loss or theft of mobile devices. If a user has a mobile device and has configured the device to synchronize with email or other PCC resources, the PCC Technical Support HelpDesk shall be notified if the device is lost or stolen so that unauthorized and/or inappropriate access can be minimized.

Distribution of the Policy

The PCC Personal Mobile Device Policy will be distributed to all employees and all students. It will be printed in the Employee Manual, Student Orientation Materials and the PCC General Catalog.