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How to Properly Create a Quiz in Moodle for Collecting FTE Documentation

Why are we doing this?

A recent FTE audit revealed some issues with the data we have been collecting for Moodle Census reporting.  In addition, we are now required to provide documentation that students have completed a graded activity within the census date, not just show activity during the period.  Not having the proper documentation for state audits puts FTE funding in jeopardy.   

In order to provide better results for reporting in the future, we are implementing a new process for gathering data for FTE documentation.  Starting with the Fall 2012 semester, all Hybrid (HY) and Internet (IN) Moodle classes will have a quiz called "{semster} Attendance Quiz" placed in the course by Distance Learning.  We just want to make sure there is at least one quiz at the top of the course.  However, if you already have an attendance quiz, or want to create your own, you can remove the one placed in the course by Distance Learning.  If you create your own, please make sure it follows the specifications in the document below. 

This quiz requires very specific settings in order to properly collect the required data (details are available from the link at the bottom of this page). 

Having an automatically graded quiz will generate the data necessary for FTE documentation, and take as little time as possible on the part of the instructor.

Click here for the required settings for the FTE Quiz