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Check out our Employee Benefits!
Your company can now tap into every person in the region who has a National Career Readiness Certificate (NCRC). Nearly 40,000 citizens in the Eastern Region possess the NCRC. This job portal is available at no cost to employers who recommend or require the NCRC in their hiring process. Take full advantage of this resource and get the word out about available jobs in a 13 county region of Eastern NC.

Through the job portal you can:

     > Create a company profile for job seekers to learn about your company
     > Post available jobs including all WorkKeys and NCRC requirements
     > Upload an application for specific jobs so that job seekers can apply for your
        company's available positions
     > Search for candidates who match your job-specific criteria
     > Contact job seekers that match your criteria

Just create an account. It's quick and easy! 


NCRC Benefits for Employers


WorkKeys, a system utilized by employers nationwide, is designed to meet your employment needs. Created by ACT, WorkKeys is an EEOC compliant resource which helps employers by streamlining the employment cycle: Screening, Selection, Training and Development, and Succession Planning.

WorkKeys answers the questions: How can we hire the most qualified employees? How can we target our training to employees who need it most? How can we maximize ROI on training dollars? How can we improve retention rates? How do we measure up with our competitors? Which skills are essential for our future?

Through Job Profiling, Assessments, and Training WorkKeys gives employers reliable, timely and specific information about current or potential employees’ workplace skills.

National Career Readiness Certificate

ACT has documented three WorkKeys skills which are common in 85% of occupations. Applied Mathematics, Locating Information, and Reading for Information comprise the National Career Readiness Certificate. The NCRC is a nationally recognized workplace credential based on objective and standardized results, which allows employees to confirm to employers that they posses essential core employability skills. Learn more about the NCRC.

Case Studies

ACT has conducted extensive, real-world case studies of the WorkKeys system. Take a look at a case study to hear how WorkKeys and the NCRC have helped Business and Industry:

     > Find and Keep the Right Workers
     > Pinpoint Employees’ Skills
     > Help Individuals Achieve Career Goals
     > Build Community Partnerships
     > Meet NCLB Requirements

Job Profiling

Job Profiling uses a focus group process to determine specific WorkKeys skills and skill levels for a particular job. Through a job analysis employers receive a report with a customized task list and skill levels related to specific work examples. Job Profiling is an EEOC-compliant process that can be used to support hiring, promotion, and training decisions.

A Job Profile:

     > Provides a direct link between the job and assessments
     > Facilitated by an ACT-authorized job profiler
     > Encourages buy-in and goodwill from employees
     > Provides a detailed, customized report for informed decision making
     > Generates a customized task list that can be used to develop training or  
        performance management instruments and other tools.

More information about a job profile.  


WorkKeys assessments measure real-world skills critical for job success. No matter the job, no matter the education level, WorkKeys skills are valuable for any occupation. Learn more about WorkKeys and NCRC skills.


Pitt Community College is committed to providing local business and industry with a well trained workforce. We offer two methods to aid in skill enhancement for the NCRC.

Career Ready 101-An online study program specifically designed based upon the WorkKeys and the NCRC. Accessible from anywhere students have internet access; CR101 meets individuals at their current skill level to aid in skill enhancement.

NCRC Class-A 6 day class in a face-to-face environment with an instructor. Students learn how to utilize Career Ready 101, receive individual instruction on each component of the NCRC and how to maximize the benefits of their certificate.