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ID#  Course  Dates  Days  Time  Location 
2017-35 Under the Radar? A Guide to Labor & Employment Law for Employers 4/4 Th 6p-9p GS 301
2017-2 Farmville Lunch-N-Learn 4/5 W 11:30a-1:30p FV
2017-36 How to Start a Small Business
4/6 Th  6p-9p  GS 301 
2017-37 Beginning QuickBooks for Business 4/24 M 6p-9p GS 402
2017-39 Grant Writing II for Non-Profits 4/25 T 6p-9p GS 402
2017-38 Making Your Mark, Branding Your Business 4/25 T 6p-9p GS 301
2017-40 How to Use Your Digital SLR for Your Arts Business 4/26 6p-9p Emerge 
2017-41 Writing a Business Plan 4/27 Th 6p-9p GS 301

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ID#  Course  Dates  Days  Time  Location 
2017-42 Build Your Marketing Toolkit 5/2 T 6p-9p GS 301
2017-46 How to Start a Small Business
5/4 Th  6p-9p  GS 301 
2017-43 Beginning QuickBooks for Business 5/8 M 6p-9p GS 402
2017-44 Optimizing Your Digital Presence: Getting the Most Out of Your Website 5/9 T 6p-9p GS 301
2017-47  Writing a Business Plan 5/11  Th  6p-9p  GS 301 
2017-48 Business Branding Critique for the Artist 5/24 6p-9p Emerge 

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ID#  Course  Dates  Days  Time  Location 
2017-51 How to Start a Small Business
6/15 Th  6p-9p  GS 301 
2017-52 Redes Sociales para Mercadologos en Espanol (Social Media in Spanish) 6/20 T 6p-9p GS 301
2017-53 Round Table Discussion 6/21 W 11:30a-1:30p GS 301
2017-54  Writing a Business Plan 6/22  Th  6p-9p  GS 301 
2017-55  Beginning QuickBooks for Business 6/26  6p-9p  GS 402 
2017-56 Farmville Lunch-N-Learn - How to Increase Confidence in Your Business 6/27 12p-2p FV
2017-57 Payroll & Human Resource Management 6/27 T 6p-9p GS 301
2017-58  How to Get the Loan You Need 6/29  Th  6p-9p  GS 301 

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ID#  Course  Dates  Days  Time  Location 
2017-60 How to Start a Small Business
7/13 Th  6p-9p  GS 301 
2017-59 The Cash Flow Game - Winner Keeps the Money! 7/11 T 6p-9p GS 301
2017-63 Using Facebook to Drive Revenue for Small Business 7/12 W 9a-1p FV
2017-61 DIY Digital Marketing 7/18 T 6p-9p GS 301
2017-62  Round Table Discussion 7/19  11:30a-1:30p  GS 301 
2017-64  Writing a Business Plan 7/20 Th  6p-9p  GS 301 
2017-65  Beginning QuickBooks for Business 7/24  6p-9p  GS 402 
2017-66 Target Your Market from an Evidence-Based Perspective 7/25 T 6p-9p GS 301
2017-67 Developing Your Marketing Plan 7/27 Th 6p-9p GS 301

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ID#  Course  Dates  Days  Time  Location 
2017-69  Round Table Discussion 8/1  11:30a-1:30p  GS 301 
2017-68 Non-Profit Business Fundraising 8/1 T 6p-9p GS 301
2017-70 How to Start a Small Business
8/3 Th  6p-9p  GS 301 
2017-71 Finding the Money for My Business 8/8 T 6p-9p GS 301
2017-72 Writing a Business Plan 8/10  Th  6p-9p  GS 301 
2017-73 To Franchise or Not to Franchise 8/15 T 6p-9p GS 301
2017-74  Retail Round Table Discussion 8/16  6p-8p  GS 301 

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How to Start a Small Business
Hours: 3

Understand the basics of starting a business in this seminar that takes you from idea to opportunity. Learn key strategies for start-up, financing, and marketing as well as important information about legal issues, licensing, zoning, operations, and more. Realize the importance of a self-assessment and how to evaluate the feasibility of your business idea. Discover the resources available to help you start and successfully operate your business. Presenter: Jim Ensor. Cost: FREE

How to Get the Loan You Need
Hours: 3

Financing continues to be a challenge for many small business owners. Questions range from, Who will give me money for my business idea and what do they need from me? to, How will this business make money and will it be enough to pay back a loan or attract an investor? Get to the heart of business financing in this seminar that answers your questions. Explore the advantages and disadvantages of the different types of funding sources and how to choose the right one for your needs. Come discover the keys to financing success. Presenter: Robbie Dunbar. Cost: FREE

Taxes for the Artist Business
Hours: 3

Accurate business records are needed to monitor the health of your business. This workshop is designed to help Artists in the start-up and early phases of their business learn the basics of sound record keeping. We hope "The Artists as Bookkeeper" gives you the peace of mind to concentrate on dancing your dance. Presenter: Jeff Moore. Cost: FREE

Art Means Business: Organize Yours
Hours: 3

Learn tips and tools to better organize and run your business. From to-do lists to document management to digital filing systems. There is a lot of information on how to save yourself time and run your business more efficiently! Presenter: Michele Butterfield. Cost: FREE

Introduction to Adobe Lightroom for Artists
Hours: 3

In this class we will go over a broad overview of how to use Adobe Lightroom for your business. From importing, applying meta data, batch editing, and exporting. Lightroom is useful for anyone taking large amounts of images. It is a great way to organize, sort, and edit your photos for your business. Students MUST bring their own laptops with Lightroom software INSTALLED. Or simply take notes. Presenter: Michele Butterfield. Cost: FREE

Intro to Photoshop for Artists
Hours: 3

You will learn how to use Adobe Photoshop to edit photos to be used to brand your business. Basic skills including layering, masking, curves, dodging and burning, clipping, color balance will be covered. Students will leave class with the knowledge of the main tools necessary to help their business and resources that can be used to practice and further their learning of the program. Presenter: Michele Butterfield. Cost: FREE

How to Use Your Digital SLR for Your Arts Business
Hours: 3

Students must own and bring their own digital SLR camera to class. This will be a hands-on class, that goes over basic camera knowledge and how to get the most from your camera. Explanation of aperture, shutter speed, ISO and other camera functions such as flash, file type/size and modes. Bring your camera and lots of questions! Presenter: Michele Butterfield. Cost: FREE

Business Branding Critique for the Artist
Hours: 3

Bring your logo, business card, brochures and/or website design to class to have a group critique. The critique can/will include any designs individually as well as your entire branding as a whole. The class will be lead by an instructor and professional graphic and web designer, however the entire class is encouraged to participate! We will discuss use of color, text, imagery as well as answer any technical design questions you have. Presenter: Michele Butterfield. Cost: FREE

Optimizing Your Digital Presence: Getting the Most Out of Your Website
Hours: 3

Learn the essential elements of building, marketing and sustaining a successful website. Topics will include website functionality, design plus SEO, SEM, and Social Media basics.  Presenter: Elizabeth Semple. Cost: FREE

Build Your Marketing Toolkit
Hours: 3

Many small businesses and organizations find themselves seeking the right strategies to make their marketing efforts as effective as possible. But with so many different marketing activities to focus on it can be easy to miss some of the important marketing concepts. This presentation is designed to uncover some of those core concepts and show that a little bit of marketing knowledge can go a long way. Presenter: Melanie Diehl. Cost: FREE

Pricing Your Products
Hours: 3

Regardless of the type of business you have, pricing is crucial. Don't cheat your customers or your business by pricing yourself out of the game. It's easier than you think. A few simple strategies will have you right in line with the competition and generating profits as well. Presenter: Jim Ensor. Cost: FREE

Writing a Small Business Plan
Hours: 3

A business plan can be the most important tool a small business owner has. Learn how to turn your ideas into a solid plan for financing and long-term success. This seminar teaches you the important components of a business plan and helps you lay the foundation for a winning plan. Find out how marketing, operations, and finance are interrelated. Discover how a business plan is used by potential lenders, the do's and don'ts of writing a plan and steps for making the process easy. This seminar is designed for new and established business owners. Presenter: Jim Ensor. Cost: FREE


The Myth of SEO: Managing Your Entire Presence Online
Hours: 3

If you still think your search engine ranking is all that matters, you’re missing out on a much bigger picture. The digital space is constantly evolving, and there are a whole host of resources and tools at your disposal that you can use to target your audience, drive traffic to your site, and turn site visitors into regular customers. Expand your ideas about your digital presence and discuss current trends in content marketing, why the old ideas of SEO no longer work, and how you can turn your website and entire digital presence into the consistent, reliable revenue stream it was intended to be. Presenter: Brad Long. Cost: FREE

Sales Performance & Skills Training to Increase Your Bottom Line
Hours: 3

In this course you will be able to understand the pluses and minuses of a career in sales as well as the challenges and misconceptions. You will learn how to approach prospective customers, overcome objectives, find avenues for progression, closing techniques, and follow-up processes or procedures. You will come away with a working knowledge of what it is like to make a sales call, speaking to a customer, handling objectives, addressing the competition, and asking for or accepting the business. Presenter: Jason Weeks. Cost: FREE

Social Media 101 for Business
Hours: 3

Many small businesses and nonprofits want to get started with social media, but feel overwhelmed or are not sure how to get started. This seminar will help attendees understand the value of using social media to reach customers, how it can lead to new customers, and how it drives repeat business from current customers. It will cover the 5 most popular social media networks - Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and Pinterest - and help attendees decide which are right for their business. This session will also cover what comes next: how and what to post on social media. Presenter: Melanie Diehl. Cost: FREE

Social Media 102 for Business
Hours: 3

So you are social, now what? For small businesses and nonprofits that have thought about what social networks to use and are ready to take the next step, this session answers the question: "Where do you go from there?" Attendees will get a closer look at the popular social media networks: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Google+. This seminar will teach the benefits of using each, how other organizations are marketing with them, and some do's and don'ts of each channel. They'll also get tips on how to tell if their social media activity is working. Presenter: Melanie Diehl. Cost: FREE

Small Business Record Keeping
Hours: 3

Do you know your product or service upside down and backwards, but the numbers just drive you up a wall? We'll talk about calculating and recording payroll taxes and sales tax. You'll become familiar with those financial terms that confuse you but that accountants love to use. Presenter: Kim Beauchamp. Cost: FREE

Choosing Your Business Entity/What Your Business Needs to Know
Hours: 3

This session will review the various available North Carolina legal entities from which small businesses may choose, the legal process for creating each one, and the ongoing legal compliance responsibilities where applicable. It will include an overview of the tax consequences, the relative flexibility and formality, and the protection of personal assets, features of each choice, and will address the importance of complying with the legal formalities inherent in some of these choices. This class will also present an overview of the three legal avenues that are available at the Federal level for protecting your intellectual property: 1) copyrights; 2) patents; 3) trademarks. This class will assist you in recognizing which legal avenue will be best to help protect your business's intellectual property. Presenters: Tracy Stroud and Jack Brock. Cost: FREE

Best Businesses to Start Right Now
Hours: 3

This might be the best time in decades to start a business. Competitors are hard-hit, resources are cheaper, and goo people aren't hard to find. What would be the best small business for YOU to start right now? Would a business bring in extra income or provide a job? This seminar can help you make that decision and focuses on four areas: 1) How to create a business idea that fits you; 2) Businesses you can start for under $100; 3) "Hot" businesses that will grow in coming years. You will receive a list of over 30 types of these businesses; 4) 5 easy-to-use steps to starting a business. If you think the time is right for you to start a business - you're right! This class will help you get started in the right way! Presenter: Mike Collins. Cost: FREE

Payroll & Human Resource Management
Hours: 3

This is an area of business that if not done properly, can reap harsh consequences. Implementing the best systems assure one's success. Learn about the responsibilities of Human Resource Management (HRM) and the Payroll Cycle business activities. Presenter: Kim Beauchamp. Cost: FREE

So You Think You Want to Start a Business
Hours: 3

This seminar has been created for those individuals who are thinking about starting and operating their own business; however, they do not know if they have the personality, drive creativity, adaptability, and a host of other talents and attributes that comprise a successful entrepreneur. During this seminar, attendees will honestly assess "themselves" in order to discover their strengths and weaknesses; wherefrom, they can make a better informed decision on moving forward at this point in time. The seminar will also incorporate various exercises and "role playing" events where the attendee will be faced with realistic challenges encountered by entrepreneurs and they will ahve to determine or design a solution. Attendees will also be given the opportunity to present their business "ideas" and they will be shown various ways they can determine if the idea is feasible and viable. After attending this seminar, if an attendee makes the decision to move forward, they will be strongly encourage to register for the core seminars at the Small Business Center starting with, "How to Start a Small Business." Presenter: Bob Moore. Cost: FREE

Under the Radar? A Guide to Labor & Employment Law for Employers
Hours: 3

Whether you employ one person or one thousand, your business is subject to the rising tide of labor and employment laws. Come to this class and let us navigate the cross-currents with you. Presenter: William Joseph Austin of Ward and Smith. Cost: FREE

Beginning QuickBooks for Business
Hours: 3

This class is an introduction to the popular QuickBooks accounting software. Participants must have basic computer skills – how to use a mouse, etc. Instructor: Jim Weese and Leigh McOmber. Cost: FREE

Website Design for the Busy Business Owner
Hours: 3

As a small business owner we are required to be the jack of all trades; Janitor, HR Manager, Customer Service Rep and now we need to design a strong website too? You don't need to be a graphic designer to create a powerful website. Learn the basics of creating a strong online presence from the perspective of a small business owner who understands how challenging and overwhelming website design can be. Presenter: Susan Bucci. Cost: FREE

5 Point Entrepreneur Checklist
Hours: 3

The comprehensive guide to starting, operating, and succeeding in small business. Find out what essential tools are necessary to start off on the right foot and reduce the risk of small business failure! Presenter: Evelyne Billingslea. Cost: FREE

Developing Your Marketing Plan
Hours: 3

So you have an idea for a product or service that’s bound to capture the hearts and minds (and wallets) of consumers everywhere! Wait a minute! Have you really determined whether there really is a market for your product or service? This course will give you the means to determine your market and your competition, saving you from a death sentence for your product or service. Presenter: Jim Ensor. Cost: FREE

Controlling Cash Flow/Budgeting
Hours: 3

Poor cash management is probably the most frequent stumbling block for entrepreneurs. Understanding the basic concepts of cash flow will help you plan for the unforeseen eventualities that nearly every business faces. This seminar will give you the tools and knowledge to understand budgeting and learn how to practice good cash flow management in order to keep your small business running at a healthy pace. Presenter: Kim Beauchamp. Cost: FREE

Making Your Mark, Branding Your Business
Hours: 3

In this seminar you will learn the root of what makes a brand and be able to differentiate between marketing and advertising. We will discuss and analyze examples of brands and brand creation. You will begin to examine your business for key components of your marketing strategy and begin to develop a marketing plan of your own. Presenter: Marc Morrison. Cost: FREE

Building a Living Brand, a Look Beyond the Logo
Hours: 3

Today’s business owners are facing competition in scale and force like never before, but smart business owners are seeing opportunities as they face the challenge. Building a brand that competes with larger and more sophisticated competitors is well within the reach of the entrepreneur, but you’ve got to know how and why you’re competing to win. This information-packed session will arm small and medium sized business owners with ideas and tools that are immediately applicable to growing a thriving business, and how to inspire employees and customers alike to build the business together through purpose, engagement, and brand experience. Presenter: Will Daugherty. Cost: FREE

Networking: Building Your Business by Leveraging Your Community
Hours: 3

Small business ownership requires the wearing of an infinite number of hats. The building your customer base hat and finding the right partners hat are two of the most important. However, often they are the most challenging. Ashley Melville, Director of Business Development for the Downtown Raleigh Alliance, teaches the simple art of utilizing the people around you and leveraging your community to build your business. Connect with the world around you and get to take your small business to the next level. Presenter: Ashley Melville. Cost: FREE

Grant Writing I for Non-Profits
Hours: 3

Write grant proposals that get funded or prepare for a management career in the fast-growing nonprofit sector. Expert instructors prepare you for the special needs of the nonprofit industry and help you develop relationships with corporate, foundation, and government funding sources. Presenter: Dawn Morriston. Cost: FREE

Grant Writing II for Non-Profits
Hours: 3

This class is for the student that has already taken the basic Grant Writing class but needs a more in depth look into the subject. Presenter: Dawn Morriston. Cost: FREE

How to Improve Your Credit Score and Prepare for a Business Loan
Hours: 3

With the new credit card laws and the scoring changes made by the three credit bureaus, the rules for having a "good" credit score have changed. "Good" credit is now considered to be 740 and above compared to 680 a year ago. In this seminar, you will learn the legal and ethical ways a person can increase their credit score. Presenter: Bob Moore. Cost: FREE

Monthly Round Table Discussion
Hours: 2

Bring your lunch and join other entrepreneurs and small business owners for our free monthly round table discussion! Each month will feature a different topic and guest speaker. Pre-registration is required. Cost: FREE

Retail Round Table Discussion - Amazing Apps for Accelerating Your Business
Hours: 2

Join your fellow retailers and discover new apps for your iPhone, Androids, and Tablets that can help you be a more successful, professional and efficient small business owner. Bring your favorite apps to share as there will be a traditional round table discussion along with an expert presentation. Presenter: Shareen Berkowitz. Pre-registration is required. Cost: FREE

Farmville Lunch-N-Learn
Hours: 2

Bring your lunch and join our lunch-n-learn discussions for entrepreneurs and small business owners! Each lunch meeting will feature a different topic and guest speaker. Pre-registration is required. Cost: FREE

Non-Profit Business Fundraising
Hours: 3

In this class, you will learn how to research mission-focused grant opportunities, write a goal-focused application, and provide a budget that covers all your expenses. Also included is how to keep from getting starry-eyed at grants that will cost you more than they give you! Presenter: Devra Thomas. Cost: FREE

Finding the Money for My Business
Hours: 3

Obtaining funding for your business can be one of the most important resources that a business owner will need. Whether your funding need is for equipment purchases, building purchases, business acquisition or working capital, preparation is the key. A business owner must also understand that securing funding is normally a process and not an event. This course will acquaint you with funding sources for capital and technical assistance. Presenter: Larry Biggs. Cost: FREE

To Franchise or Not to Franchise
Hours: 3

This class will provide you with an overview of (1) how to analyze whether a particular franchise business opportunity makes sense, (2) how franchise businesses operate from the franchisee's perspective, and (3) the key terms you will want to pay attention to when deciding whether to enter into a particular franchise business. Presenter: Lee Hodge. Cost: FREE

The Cash Flow Game - Winner Keeps the Money!
Hours: 3

You will learn that it's not how much money you bring in, but it's how much money you can keep and how long you can keep it! The goals for this class are for you to: Confidently read and create your own financial statements, Define and know the different between assets and liabilities, Calculate Cash Flow and explain it's significance, and Gain two action goals to go back and implement in your business. Presenter: Scott Johnson. Cost: FREE

Optimizing Your Digital Presence: Getting the Most Out of Your Website
Hours: 3

Learn the essential elements of building, marketing and sustaining a successful website. Topics will include website functionality, design plus SEO, SEM, and Social Media basics. Presenter: Elizabeth Semple. Cost: FREE

DIY Digital Marketing
Hours: 3

You will learn what DIY Digital Marketing is and how to manage all your digital marketing efforts from one strategy document. You will also learn how to use HootSuite to build a social media content calendar as well as the two most effective paid online advertising platforms. Presenter: Guiseppe Getto. Cost: FREE

Target Your Market from an Evidence-Based Perspective
Hours: 3

The goal of this course is to equip you with the evidence you need to be a notch above the competitors in your industry with valid information to articulate to your population on why they should choose you and not someone else. Your customer is not made from a cookie cutter, and the services you provide should not be a cookie cutter. Evidence provides you with the ability to fill the gaps based on what the industry research experts recommend from an evidence-based perspective. Presenter: Dr. Eveangel Savage. Cost: FREE

Using Facebook to Drive Revenue for Small Business
Hours: 4

Facebook advertising is HOT! Businesses can target very specific audiences, but only if they know how to do it right. Join us and learn how Facebook ads can help you get the most out of your marketing budget. This seminar will give you the tools to reach your target market and build lasting relationships, growing your list of potential customers. In this seminar you will learn: How to create a compelling Facebook Ad, How you can customize your ads for a personalized touch unique to viewers, How you can target people most likely to buy your product or service, and more! Presenter: Melanie Diehl. Cost: FREE

Redes Sociales para Mercadologos en Espanol (Social Media in Spanish)
Hours: 3

Mediante la combinacion de un enfoque en las redes sociales con un constante trabajo practico en relacion a como usarlas para fines comunicacionales, la clase busca que los participantes puedan emplear las nuevas plataformas sociales de manera estrategica, inteligente y creativa, aprovechando todo su potencial. La finalidad es aumentar la comprension sobre el mejor uso de las redes sociales, conocer herramientas de administracion de redes y de creacion de contenido digitales, con el objetivo de alcanzar una manera mas efectiva y fluida de comunicarse con los usuarios. Presenter: Andres Quintana. Cost: FREE