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Driver Improvement 2014

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ID# Course Dates Days Time Location
83444 Driver Improvement  8/2  Sa  8a-5p  GS 124 
83456 Driver Improvement  8/4-8/6  M,W  6p-10p GS 401 
83445 Driver Improvement  8/9  Sa  8a-5p  GS 124 
87306 Driver Improvement  8/16 Sa 8a-5p GS 124
87293 Driver Improvement 8/18-8/20 M,W  5p-10p GS 401 
87307 Driver Improvement 8/23 Sa 8a-5p GS 124 

*GS - Greenville Center (3107 S. Memorial Dr.)


ID# Course Dates Days Time Location
87308 Driver Improvement 9/6 Sa 8a-5p GS 124
87294 Driver Improvement 9/8-9/10 M,W 6p-10p GS 401
87309 Driver Improvement 9/13 Sa 8a-5p GS 124
87310 Driver Improvement 9/20 Sa 8a-5p GS 124
87295 Driver Improvement 9/22-9/24 M,W 6p-10p GS 401
87311 Driver Improvement 9/27 Sa 8a-5p GS 124

*GS - Greenville Center (3107 S. Memorial Dr.) 


ID# Course Dates Days Time Location
87312 Driver Improvement 10/4 Sa 8a-5p GS 124
87296 Driver Improvement 10/6-10/8 M,W 6p-10p GS 401
87313 Driver Improvement 10/11 Sa 8a-5p GS 124
87314 Driver Improvement 10/18  Sa  8a-5p  GS 124 
87297 Driver Improvement 10/20-10/22 M,W 6p-10p GS 401
87315 Driver Improvement 10/25 Sa 8a-5p GS 124

*GS - Greenville Center (3107 S. Memorial Dr.)


ID# Course Dates Days Time Location
87316 Driver Improvement 11/1  Sa  8a-5p  GS 124 
87298 Driver Improvement 11/3-11/5 M,W 6p-10p GS 401
87317 Driver Improvement 11/8 Sa 8a-5p GS 124
87318 Driver Improvement 11/15 Sa 8a-5p GS 124
87299 Driver Improvement 11/17-11/19 M,W  6p-10p GS 401 
87319  Driver Improvement 11/22  Sa  8a-5p  GS 124 

*GS - Greenville Center (3107 S. Memorial Dr.)


ID# Course Dates Days Time Location
87300  Driver Improvement  12/1-12/3  M,W  6p-10p  GS 401 
87320  Driver Improvement  12/6  Sa  8a-5p  GS 124 
87321  Driver Improvement  12/13  Sa  8a-5p  GS 124 


PCSCC/PCC Driver Improvement Training
Hours: 8

Pitt County Safe Communities Coalition in conjunction with Pitt Community College offer the AAA approved Driver Improvement course. This course covers a variety of topics for all drivers. The course is offered over a two (2) night period on Monday and Wednesday nights or in an all day setting on Saturdays. The 2-day session is from 6-10pm each night. The Saturday class is from 8:00am-5:00pm.

The fee for the Course will be $60.00.  The fee is to be paid to Pitt Community College by check, money order or credit card at the time of Course registration.  No cash will be accepted and the fee is non-refundable.  If a student fails to appear for the registered Course session, they must re-register and pay another fee of $60.00 for another scheduled class.  We will not process refunds or transfers for students who fail to attend.

Pre-registration and pre-payment is required 3 days prior to the beginning of class.

NOTE: Completion of this course in no way guarantees any privileges or rights under applicable NC laws.