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Responsibilities of the Student

In consideration of the mutual benefits of the Work-Based Learning (WBL)/Internship Program, the student agrees to the following:

Release Agreement

Student should understand that they have been accepted for a WBL/Internship work assignment. The work and learn partnership will involve Pitt Community College (PCC) and an approved WBL site. They acknowledge that the college will assume no financial responsibility in the event of any accident or illness suffered by said student as a result of the student’s educational activities while enrolled in the WBL/Internship Program at PCC. The student also understand that they are personally responsible for seeing that arrangements are made through personal insurance or private funds to cover costs incurred for the medical, surgical, or emergency treatment of an accident or illness suffered while involved in the WBL/Internship partnership between the college and the employer. This agreement must be signed at the time of the initial enrollment in the Work-Based Learning/Internship Program.

Confidentiality Agreement

All PCC WBL students are expected to comply with the policies and procedures of the WBL organization regarding confidentiality to include signing an agreement. Students must agree that they will not divulge any confidential information acquired as a result of their participation in the WBL program.

Required documentation for the student