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Teaching and Learning Training Links

The Office of Teaching and Learning has partnered with other groups to provide a variety of professional development training opportunities for instructors who use or want to use Moodle in their classes. These trainings are open to all Pitt CC instructors who teach or are scheduled to teach full or part time at Pitt CC

Current Training Opportunities (all links will open to be viewed in a new window)

COI - Certified Online Instructor

The COI class is a popular online course that has been created by Pitt CC’s Distance Learning Team. The COI covers online instructor presence, course design, accessibility, and other topics germane to teaching in an online or hybrid format. This 8 week course is intensive and covers these topics through bi/weekly modules requiring roughly 4-6 hours of work each week. To participate in this course, instructors must have completed teaching a class in either IN or HY format and apply for the course through our online application. Due to the popularity of the class, there may be a waiting list for seats. For information on the course or the application process, contact Nicole Allen in Distance Learning at ext. 7256, visit our Eventbrite listing, or fill out the COI Application online.  

Quality Matters

QM is a nationally recognized, certificate bearing training with a variety of courses that are offered. Currently, instructors have an initial choice from 3 different QM classes: Designing Your Online Course, Designing Your Hybrid Course, or Improving Your Online Course. These QM courses focus on aligning your course content with your learning objectives to allow students to better engage with material presented in an online environment.  These classes run approximately 2 weeks in duration and are intense, requiring at least 10 hours a week to complete. All QM classes are delivered online using Moodle. To enroll in a QM course, an instructor must have course material that they wish to present in a hybrid or internet format (previous teaching of an online or hybrid course is NOT required). The fee for the QM training is covered by Title III Grant funds. To take a QM professional development, you must complete an application and make a commitment to complete the class. To learn more, click here.

Faculty Academy

Faculty Academy is a 7-week program designed to strengthen knowledge of classroom mechanics, student learning outcomes, active teaching, and many other topics. These workshops will require outside preparation and a face-to-face meeting on Fridays from 1-2 PM for the 7-week meeting period. Faculty Academy is being Beta tested in the Fall of 2017 and will be accepting participants for Spring of 2017. This academy is open to both full and part-time faculty and adjuncts may qualify for a stipend. For more information, the link will be available soon!


This professional development opportunity is designed for individuals who have limited or no Moodle experience. It is a 6 hour, hands-on class that will acclimate users to Moodle and its functions. Topics include the basics of creating accessible files, adding content to Moodle, creating your gradebook, and other skills that will prepare you for using Moodle effectively with your classes. This session will also help you to better understand the differences between material that is presented in an online environment and material presented in the classroom. Currently, this class is only offered face-to-face in the IRC and registration is required. Contact Nicole Allen in Distance Learning at ext. 7256 or register online through Eventbrite.

Past Professional Development Resources

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Instructor Resource Center

Online Teaching & Learning Library Resources

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SLO - Student Learning Objectives (coming soon)


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