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Learning Outcomes

Student Services

  1. Students will learn about various Student Services available to them on PCC’s campus that will enhance their academic success and overall college experience.
  2. Students will gain knowledge of the ways to become involved on campus through PCC clubs and organizations and the importance of taking responsibility and initiative for their own growth and development.
  3. Students will begin to develop a sense of belonging, competence and progression in their transition to college.
  4. Students will develop an understanding of the PCC community culture by interacting with students, faculty and staff.
  5. Students and their families will understand the relationship between the PCC mission and their educational goals.

Academic Deans

  1. Students will have a working knowledge of all academic majors offered by the Division.
  2. Students will develop a sense of belonging, purpose, and progression to include advisor assignment information.
  3. Students will be encouraged to participate in academic student organizations associated with the Division.
  4. Students will have knowledge about potential career opportunities for graduates and outlook for future employment.
  5. Students will learn of academic requirements of any transfer programs.
  6. Students will be informed about all entrance requirements for selective degree programs.
  7. Students will be informed of the advising process for the afternoon session.

Parent and Family Orientation

  1. Family members will learn about various ways in which they can help their student succeed in college.
  2. Family members will gain knowledge of student rights and responsibilities and how information about their student is disseminated.
  3. Family members will gain an understanding of the terminology that is used on campus.
  4. Family members will become familiarized with student development based on creating a sense of belonging, competence and progression.

Academic Information Session

  1. Students will learn how to access “My PittCC” and become familiar with the options available to them in the PCC Services area.
  2. Students will understand PCC's methods of registration, including payment deadlines and refund policies.
  3. Students will understand how the cumulative GPA is calculated and how non-attendance and withdrawals impact GPA.
  4. Students will understand what Satisfactory Academic Progress means and how it impacts continuing financial aid eligibility.