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Public Services And Fine Arts

Human Services

The Human Services curriculum prepares students for entry-level positions in institutions and agencies which provide social, community, and education services. The Human Service Curriculum includes: General Human Services Technology, HST/Gerontology, HST/Substance Abuse, and Therapeutic Recreation Assistant. Certificates are available in Aging Studies and Substance Abuse. Emphasis in core courses is placed on development of relevant knowledge, skills, and attitudes in human services. Fieldwork experience will provide opportunities for application of knowledge and skills learned in the classroom. The Pitt Community College HST program is approved by the Council for Standards in Human Services Education. Graduates should qualify for position in mental health, child care, family services, social services, rehabilitation, corrections, and educational agencies.


The Human Services curriculum is designed to train and prepare graduates to fulfill a wide range of consumer needs in a variety of human service settings, in order to enable people to live more satisfying, autonomous, and more productive lives. Personal growth, attitudes, knowledge, and skills are distinct components of the human service program.

Program Goals

Client Populations

Elderly, At Risk Adolescents, Developmentally Disabled, Mentally Ill Abused/Domestic Violence, Homeless Substance Abuse, HIV/AIDS.