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HIT Curriculum Information (pdf format)

HIT Advising Worksheet (pdf format)

Length of Time Required to Complete Curriculum

Students entering the HIT program will be able to pursue their degree at a pace that is comfortable for their needs; although, the curriculum must be completed within a four-year period beginning with the semester after the student is accepted into the program.

What Will You Learn in the HIT Curriculum?

To be health information professional, a graduate of an HIT program must be competent in a wide variety of subjects. The American Health Information Management Association (AHIMA) has developed competencies that graduates of a CAHIIM accredited HIT program must possess in order to be successful on the national certification examination and as a practicing professional. Students should review these competencies to more fully understand what is involved in this profession and the required education that must be attained in order to be an HIT professional.  

Students should pay close attention to these competencies/knowledge clusters to be assured that the subject matter required in this profession meets their educational goals and career aspirations.