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Electronics Engineering Technology

Program Of Study - Associate Degree

The Electronics Engineering program is comprised primarily of three concentrations, or tracks: General, Systems, or Automation. Each track utilizes common, core electronics courses, as well as courses specifically relevant to that particular track.

The General track is for students that want a solid foundation in electronics theory and possibly plan to transfer to an approved university to continue their education. This track is also ideal for the student that loves electronics but may not be decided on a particular career field upon graduation.

The Systems track is for students desiring a career in various fields where electronics systems are at the core of their field. The growing industries of communications, healthcare, and manufacturing are all great examples.

The Automation track is designed to prepare the student for an exciting career in the world of automated manufacturing as an automation technician, robotics technician, or other careers related to computer integrated manufacturing and controls.

Core Curriculum

These core electronics courses are required by all Associate Degree EET student graduates:
Course Description Hours Notes
ELC 128 Intro to PLC's 3  
ELC 131* DC/AC Circuit Analysis 5  
ELN 131 Semiconductor Devices 4  
ELN 133 Digital Electronics 4  
ELN 232 Microprocessors 4  
CET 111 PC Upgrade/Repair I 3  
CET 211 PC Upgrade/Repair II 3  
EGR 125 Application Software 2  
DFT 151 CAD I 2  
Elective   2  
  TOTAL HRS 32  
*ELC138/139 combination is substitute for ELC131

General Education Courses and Electives

Course Description Hours Notes
ENG 111 Expository Writing 3  
ENG 112* Research 3 or 113,114
MAT 121 College Algebra 3 or MAT 161
ACA 111 College Student Success 1  
Soc/Beh#   3  
Hum/Art##   3  
  TOTAL HRS 16  
#Select one (1) of the following:
PSY 150 Psychology 3  
SOC 210 Sociology 3  
##Select one (1) of the following:
HUM 115 Critical Thinking 3  
MUS 110 Music Appreciation 3  
PHI 210 History of Philosophy 3  
PHI 240 Intro to Ethics 3  
REL 110 World Religions 3  
REL 211* Old Testament 3 or 212

Now, select one (1) of the following three "concentrations":

General Emphasis

Course Description Hours Notes
ATR 218* Industrial Robotics 3 Sub
ELN 132 Linear IC Applications 4  
ELN 234 Electronic Communications 4  
MAT 162 College Trigonometry 3  
MAT 263 Calculus 3  
PHY 151 Physics I 4  
  TOTAL HRS 21  

System Emphasis

Course Description Hours Notes
ATR 218* Industrial Robotics 3 or ATR 281
ELN 132 Linear IC's 4  
ELN 234 Electronic Communications 4  
ELN 229 Industrial Electronics 4  
HYD 110 Hydraulics & Pneumatics 3  
ELC 125 Diagrams & Schematics 2  
ELC 117 Motors & Controls 4  
  TOTAL HRS 24  

Automation Emphasis

Course Description Hours Notes
ATR 218 Computer Integrated Mfg. 3  
ELC 132* Linear IC's 4 or ELC 117
LEO 111 Intro to Lasers 2  
MAT 122* Algebra/Trigonometry II 3 or MAT 162
HYD 110 Hydraulics & Pneumatics 3  
ATR 281 Industrial Robotics 4  
ELC 228 Advanced PLC's 4  
  TOTAL HRS 23  

NOTE: Developmental courses may be required dependant upon current placement test scores.

For more information regarding these certificates and your options, please contact the Electronics Engineering Program Coordinator, Amy Stephenson, via email or at (252) 493-7511.