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Arts And Sciences

Science Faculty and Staff

Jeff Rorer, Department Chair, Chemistry

Victoria Davis, Technical Assistant

Jaysen Arno, Anatomy and Physiology [Fall & Spring only]

Tammy Atchison, General Biology

Donna Bivans, General Biology, Environmental Biology

John Buck, Anatomy and Physiology [Fall & Spring only]

Gabrielle Carlson
, Nutrition (online only)

Samantha Chauncey, General Biology, Environmental Biology [Fall & Spring only]

Laura Clift, General Biology and Anatomy [Fall & Spring only]

Russell Clift, Anatomy and Physiology

Fanette Entzminger, Anatomy and Physiology

Alex Garner, Chemistry [Fall & Spring only]

Rebecca Harris, Anatomy and Physiology [Fall & Spring only]

Velislava Karaivanova, Chemistry

Bernadette Kenny, Anatomy and Physiology [Fall & Spring only]

Sarah Mangum, Anatomy and Physiology, Nutrition, Pathophysiology [Fall & Spring only]

Robert McIntyre, Chemistry [Fall & Spring only]

Sarah Hollis-Mervin, Anatomy [Fall & Spring only]

Joseph Moss, Environmental Biology [Fall & Spring only]

Olga Paine, Chemistry

Cristina Sacco, Chemistry [Fall & Spring only]

David Sawyer, Chemistry [Fall & Spring only]

Phillip Schutt, Environmental Biology

Chris Wilson, Chemistry [Fall & Spring only]