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Arts And Sciences

Science Faculty and Staff

Jeff Rorer, Department Chair, Science

Victoria Davis, Administrative Assistant

Margaret Laughinghouse-Evans, Technical Assistant

Jaysen Arno, Anatomy and Physiology [Fall & Spring only]

Tammy Atchison, General Biology

Kerri Augustino, Anatomy and Physiology

Shawn Bartley, Chemistry

James Baxley, Anatomy and Physiology

Donna Bivans, General Biology, Environmental Biology

David Bjorkman, Chemistry

John Buck, Anatomy and Physiology [Fall & Spring only]

Gabrielle Carlson, Nutrition (online only)

Samantha Chauncey, General Biology, Environmental Biology [Fall & Spring only]

Laura Clift, General Biology and Anatomy [Fall & Spring only]

Russell Clift, Anatomy and Physiology

Fanette Entzminger, Anatomy and Physiology

Zailene Flood, Anatomy and Physiology

Stephen Gabriel, Chemistry [Fall & Spring only]

Rebecca Harris, Anatomy and Physiology [Fall & Spring only]

Sarah Hollis-Mervin, Anatomy and Physiology

Velislava Karaivanova, Chemistry

Bernadette Kenny, Anatomy and Physiology [Fall & Spring only]

Nicole Luke, Chemistry

Sarah Mangum, Anatomy and Physiology, Nutrition, Pathophysiology [Fall & Spring only]

Robert McIntyre, Chemistry [Fall & Spring only]

Lisa McPhatter, Anatomy and Physiology

Joseph Moss, Environmental Biology [Fall & Spring only]

Fatiha Moukdar, Anatomy and Physiology

Olga Paine, Chemistry

Martha Richardson, Biology

David Sawyer, Chemistry [Fall & Spring only]

Phillip Schutt, Environmental Biology

Michael Smith, Anatomy and Physiology