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Group Study Rooms

The Library has seven rooms on the 2nd floor assigned for use as group study rooms. Groups of PCC students have first priority for the use of these rooms, and the rooms are available to them on a first-come, first-served basis. If there are no groups using a study room, then individual PCC students, faculty, staff, or community patrons may use the room on a first-come, first-served basis with the understanding that they will have to vacate the room if it is needed to accommodate a group of PCC students. 

One of the seven rooms is designated as a presentation practice room. Students who have checked out the computer/project cart and need to practice a presentation can ask at the reference desk to be let into the presentation practice room. When the room is not in use, other groups can ask to use the room with the understanding that those needing to practice will have first priority.

Groups of students who need to work on joint projects and talk together should seek out a study room, rather than gather at the tables on the main floor for this purpose. This will aid in keeping noise down in the common area. Groups may help themselves to whatever study room happens to be empty. If all study rooms are full, groups should inquire at the reference desk for assistance in securing a room. 

PCC faculty or staff members who have need of meeting space, especially on a recurring basis, should contact the Facilities Scheduling office (493-7400) to see if a campus facility can be located to accommodate their need. If there is no campus space to accommodate them, they are welcome to check on the availability of a study room under the conditions listed above. There will be no "reserving" of group study rooms, but requestors may be advised that during afternoon and evening hours it is rare that all five of our rooms are in use and unavailable.