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Books located at PCC Library...

Online Books...

The library subscribes to several online databases that contain e-books. These e-books include encyclopedias, medical books, fiction books, audiobooks and more.

To see which online databases contain books...


Books from other libraries (Interlibrary Loan)...

If PCC Library does not have the particular book that you need, you can request the book through our interlibrary loan service. A librarian will be happy to help you with this process, but you can also do it yourself by using the library catalog and the online interlibrary loan form.

1) *

CCLINC is a group of community college libraries in North Carolina, including PCC Library, that share the same library catalog and lend items to each other. If another CCLINC library has a book that you would like to check out, simply use the library catalog to request the book.

2) *WorldCat myPittCC Login Required

Use WorldCat to search for books in libraries all over the world. This database requires a myPittCC login for off-campus use.

Items found in WorldCat can be requested by using the online interlibrary loan request form. Keep in mind that each individual library has its own lending policies. There may be restrictions on lending certain items. The Library will notify you if this is the case. 

*Books from other libraries will be delivered by mail to PCC Library. You will be notified when the item arrives. Allow at least 5-10 business days for delivery.


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