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Dates and other related information for Financial Aid students 

  1. It's important that you ENTER and KEEP ATTENDING all of your classes, especially during the first few weeks of school.  The financial aid office will be monitoring attendance.  If any of your instructors report that you are not regularly attending, your refund check may be delayed!

  2. If you have a grant or scholarship award in excess of the charges on your account (including tuition, fees, and bookstore charges) your refund check will be mailed on Friday, September 19, 2014, once we have verified your continuous attendance in your classes.  All checks will be mailed  on that day --  no earlier release or pick-ups will be allowed.  (Check your myPittCC account on the PCC Services tab to be sure we have your correct mailing address).

  3. Loan checks for most students will be also be mailed on Thursday, September 18, 2014. (If you are a 1st time borrower, you are REQUIRED to attend a loan workshop before we can certify your loan.  Visit the FA webpage at www.pittcc.edu/academics/financial-aid to sign up for a workshop)

  4. If we mail you a refund check, then discover that you stopped attending any of your classes before the 10% point of each class, you may owe back money to the school and/or to the Federal Dept. of Education.  In addition, if you officially withdraw or stop attending all classes BEFORE the 60% point of the class, we will have no choice but to withdraw your financial aid.  You will then owe back all or a portion of your tuition & fees, plus any money you were refunded.

  5. You must maintain Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) in order to continue receiving financial aid.  This means good grades and regular attendance in all of your classes.  PCC offers tutoring, Counseling, and other services that can help you succeed.  If you begin to struggle in your classes, contact Nicholas Vick in Tutoring Services right away at (252) 493-7258 or stop by his office in T23 -- we are here to help! 

Financial Aid Posting Schedule: 2015